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We work with highly skilled manufacturers to

create products that are precisely engineered    


We work with materials of the highest quality

all from sustainable sources



Our products are all assembled in the UK where

we ensure the highest levels of quality


About us ...



We combine art and engineering to create playful furniture for the home. We believe that furniture does not need to be boring or purely utilitarian, it can be dynamic and have personality like we do. We like to create things that move and change shape, both for functional reasons, but more importantly to create a sense of freedom in our designs. They can be eternally shifted and changed to suit the owners mood or changing lifestyle.

Matt Gilbert is the CEO and founder of Animaro design. He started Animaro in 2016 with a desire to create beautifully made kinetic furniture for the home. His background is architecture and design from which he draws much of his inspiration.


*photography by Dunja Opalko