Animaro is a Furniture design studio founded in London by Matt Gilbert in 2016. It seeks to bring playfulness to everyday objects through an exploration of movement and material properties.

We create striking pieces of furniture for the home that innovate and inspire. By working with mechanical movements that express forces such as gravity and friction; each product is able to tell a unique story about the physical world around us. We believe furniture does not need to be purely utilitarian, but can have personality and character like we do.

Our furniture is made of the highest quality materials and all sourced sustainably. All products are assembled by hand and much of the timberwork is done by ourselves in our London workshop. We prefer to work with materials that are relatively 'unprocessed' so that they are easier to recycle at end of life, but also because we prefer to bring out their natural beauty.

Please send an email if you would like to collaborate on a project and keep on eye on this site for news on when the products will be available to buy.

So far our work has been featured in the following publications:

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